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Diversity & Tolerance

Without writing an entire manifesto, we want to make our beliefs very clear.

Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, classism, body shaming, and other overt discrimination or subtle/subconscious bias due to factors wholly or largely outside the control of an individual are not okay. Our society exists as a product of its history tolerating and even glorifying these biases, and is not itself fair and balanced purely by the abolition of some overt legal prejudices.

It is from these beliefs that we make this commitment to our guests:

Our wedding, as a celebration of our love and our values, will be a place of incontrovertible respect for the non-choices — the things that contribute to whom each of us is, but which we do not get to choose.

This commitment is hard for us to deliver on without a commitment from each of our loving guests, as well. In pursuit of this environment for our nuptials, we ask that everyone who attends does so with the intent to:

  • enthusiastically accept other guests as they are
  • actively discard judgmental/biased thoughts about others’ non-choices
  • engage in conversations in good faith pursuit of knowledge and joy

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